More About Us


Founded by 4 passionate and expert women on their field, they decided to expand their pilates-wings even further. They started with Body Tree, Pilates Capital and broaden it even more by creating Pilates Soul


Our Philosophy is to focus on stimulating the “Soul” as we dive through the body exercise such as pilates, yoga, and zumba. We believe in diving deep into the alignment and the connection of mind and body.


Sandi Ariyanti

Sandi has been a very active career woman these recent years. In pursuing her career, she realizes that mind-and-body aspect is a really important matter. In fact, committing to both physical as well as spiritual health is an inseparable part of her busy lifestyle. She is a strong believer that you have to have a fit and energetic yet calm body to fulfill all your busy schedule demands.

Before Pilates, she had tried a few of other exercises. While weight training and cardio made her body went bulky, kickboxing turned out to be too harsh of her workout plan too. She was still in search of a promising with less injury-prone practice, until she discovered Pilates. This exercise treats her body gently yet still gives the result and most benefits that she truly desires. Sandi’s true passion lies in teacher training.

She believes that Pilates is suitable for everyone, and one of the very few exercises that you can actually do until old age.

Ully Manik

Since she was just a little girl, UllyManik has always been passionate with dancing, especially latin dancing. In 2001 she started her career in movement industry, as an aerobic instructor.  When zumba came for the first time to Indonesia in 2011, she decided to become a professional zumba instructor to further her passion in latin dancing.

Out of curiousity, in 2013 she decided to take a pilatesmatwork teacher training in Singapore as a stepping stone for her career growth in the movement area. Furthermore, she then expanded her knowledge and skill by completing her 200HRS YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) in 2017.

Through various experiences, finally she decided that Pilates is more her forte. Thus, In January 2019, she ventured further in the Pilates world by completing a comprehensive pilates teacher training.

Pilates Soul studio is the fruit of her passions in Pilates, Yoga and Zumba. It’s the ultimate proof of her commitment in the movement industry.

Cecilia Manik

Cecilia feels drawn to Yoga as she sees how it connects both mind and body harmoniously. Not to mention how it immensely helps her “knows” herself more in her journey as an ‘apprentice of life’

Her goals as  a teacher is to introduce  raw beginners into their ‘yoga path’. With her motto of I am love, I am able, and I am enough”, she encourages students to be mindful and to love themselves, by also introducing meditation

She completed her 200 hours of YTT from Yogamaze. She draws inspirations from teachers;  Noah Maze, Christi Christensen and Andrei Ram

Dini Suryani

Dini as a publicist in entertainment industry with long hours works and tight schedules demand her to stay fit, healthy and always focus. That makes her an active gym member since 2005, by doing yoga & other strength training. She’s also an active self defense practitioner since 2013.

A long the way, she has more interest in health & fitness, and love to share her knowledge between friends & colleagues. That encouraged her to go further by became a professional, and decided to be a pilates teacher. “I never do pilates before, but after intensive research & realizing my conditions with some joints problem, I found out that Pilates fits me. It’s an exercise that I can do and teach for the rest of my life without worrying about getting injured.”

She’s intensively do pilates from 2016, after signing up for Pilates Teacher Training at Pilates Capital, a BodyTree Academy affiliate in Jakarta. “I love doing Pilates. Pilates has transformed my body to the new level. It became stronger, leaner & toned. I experienced what Joseph Pilates said in his book, “in 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body”.

She finished her matwork teacher training in 2017, and been teaching since. “I’m excited to share the benefits of pilates to all the people I know. Also witnesses how they transformed their body into a better form by doing Pilates”.